Transversal skills

What are the transversal skills? 

These are the skills needed for handling the complex array of information in the digital era, making sense of globalized societies, as well as responding to the requirements of 21st century job markets. Education is transformed to accommodate these challenges. Students are placed at the center of the learning process, the teacher distributes materials and acts as a facilitator in order to stimulate discussions and mobilize critical thinking.  

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Through the use of interactive participatory activities, students are encouraged to share their viewpoints, cooperate with their peers, express their feelings and construct new knowledge. Students use digital technologies in order to research data, share thoughts with their peers and teachers, monitor their work and construct new knowledge. The following table shows the four groups of 21st century skills as proposed and described by the ATCS project; ways of thinking, ways of working, tools for working and living in the world (Binkley, Erstad, Herman, Raizen, Ripley, Miller-Ricci & Rumble, 2012). 

ATS2020 areas of competences and skills 

Digital literacy as the possession of the technical skills as well as of the abilities needed to use digital devices in an informed way is at the core. The rest can be categorized into the following main categories:
•    Information literacy: involves critically evaluating, selecting, processing information and constructing new knowledge
•    Collaboration and communication is about interacting, collaborating, and communicating information to multiple audiences
•    Autonomous learning involves identifying individual needs for learning, defining goals to achieve, evaluate process and results 
•    Creativity and innovation amounts to integration and re-elaboration. It is about identifying needs and exploring solutions. It involves creatively using tools and resources in order to come up with brand- new devices
The diagram below summarizes ATS2020 skills framework:

There is a large number of resources available for transversal skills–check out some of these in the following section:

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