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Lithuanian language. Tales

Learning Designs

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01 Mar. 2018

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Lithuanian tales about the creation of the world, gods and mythical beings. TRAINING ACHIEVEMENTS - Speaks clearly, speaks aloud, right, at an appropriate pace. - Is able to tell an event coherently, to describe an object, an animal, a place and a person, to explain a simple process, to think about read works. Properly uses stylistic and rhetorical means of linguistic expression. - Narrates stories of a solid composition (tales) in a clear, coherent, rich language. - Individually or through tips, find information for creating text in a library or on the Internet. Is able to select information (compare, evaluate), correctly indicates the source of inform
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Dešimtainių trupmenų sudėtis ir atimtis

Ugdomi gebėjimai ir mokymosi rezultatai Pasiekimai pagal Bendrąsias programas 1.2. Pasirinkti tinkamą veiksmą ir skaičiavimo būdą paprasčiausiems uždaviniams spręsti. 1.2.1. Stulpeliu sudėti, atimti < ... > dešimtaines trupmenas. 1.2.4. Paaiškinti

Language: Lithuanian
Subject Area: Mathematics
Author of resource: Vilma Geležėlienė

Sakinio dalys

Sintaksinis sakinio nagrinėjimas – mąstymo strategija taisyklingai sakinio skyrybai.

Language: Lithuanian
Subject Area: Official language
Author of resource: Birutė Šufinskienė

Priklausomi nuo adrenalino

Kalbančios fotografijos. Adrenaline Junkies (Talking photos)

Language: Lithuanian
Subject Area: Foreign language
Author of resource: Edita Rabizaitė
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