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Patterns with Olympic rings

Learning Designs

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02 Oct. 2017

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In the introductory activity, students individually think about the Olympic rings, the proper use of mathematical terminology and their prior knowledge of the patterns. Students study patterns in the form of 5 Olympic rings. After the activity, they individually write down their learning goals (personal, mathematical and goals in a relation to chosen transversal skills) and success criteria. Students present written goals and success criteria to each other in small groups. Its members give feedback to every student. If necessary, students improve or supplement their notes. In groups, every member presents his/her own research strategies, findings and outcomes. Afterwards, group members compare and evaluate different strategies/findings/outcomes of all members. Together they decide for the most appropriate research approach, write it down in some type of ICT presentation and present it to the other groups. Groups discuss different research processes and approaches, advantages and disadvantages, and compare their outcomes. At the end of the research, students do self-reflection and self-evaluation in accordance with their learning goals and success criteria. During the lessons on patterns, they fill in Mahara Learning Journal (My Learning Cycle).
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Patterns with Olympic rings
Patterns with Olympic rings

SCIENCE-Circulatory system – Transport system – Heart functioning (Primary School, Eighth Grade)

Activities presented in the learning design support students’ learning about circulatory system.

Language: English
Author of resource: Saša Kregar, Simona Slavič Kumer, Radovan Krajnc

ATS2020 Learning Design template

This document is the ATS2020 Learning Design Template. It includes some general information and general description of the Learning Design, the Macro level and the Micro-level with My Learning Journal.

Language: English
Author of resource: Cyprus Pedagogical Institute

Urimo veščino, sodelovanje in komunikacija

Zakaj bom uporabljal/a to stran?

Language: Slovenian
Author of resource: OŠ Črna na Koroškem
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