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Lithuanian language. Repetition of spelling the nasal vowels in the root

Learning Designs

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01 Mar. 2018

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The scope of the content of the language system knowledge in the concenter of 5-6 grades The root is the main significant part of the words. Shift of root vowels in the related words. The nasal vowels are witnesses of language history. Spelling of the nasal vowels in the stem of words. Skills and competences necessary to reach the expected outcomes Targeted skills Self-learning Abilities Able to - identify specific learning needs based on background knowledge; - define the objectives pursued and develop a strategy for achieving them; - plan and manage activities for implementation of the strategy; - evaluate the process and results, present evidence of achievements; Emerging skills Information Literacy / Digital Competence Able to - combine existing knowledge and accumulated information; - assess and collect the sources of information and tools based on their suitability for specific tasks.
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Lithuanian language. Repetition of spelling the nasal vowels in the root
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