Learning designs

A collection of learning designs is now available for ATS2O20 teachers. The learning designs provide ideas for different subject areas, and can be used to help teachers prepare the learning cycles according to ATS 2020 skills framework. Feel free to use them, adapt them or take them as a starting point for your ideas. For the Learning Design template, the Visualised learning design approach (based on the UK Open University work) is used. You can find the templates in the following links: 
Macrolevel Learning Design-ENMacrolevel Learning Design-GRComplete Learning Design (with microlevel)-ENComplete Learning Design (with microlevel)-GR, Mesolevel Learning Design-EN, Mesolevel Learning Design-GR

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Collection of resources



Complete Learning Designs

Here is a collection of detailed learning designs which can be useful in developing learning cycles across the curriculum. You can browse through, study the materials and be encouraged to prepare your own

Formative Assesment

Macrolevel Learning Designs

Here is a collection of macro-level learning designs which can help you sketch out your lesson plans according to ATS2020 framework


Exemplar ePortfolios

Here is a collection of exemplar ePortfolios derived from the learning designs


Visualised Learning Design Templates

Templates for VLD



Featured resources

Lithuanian language. Tales

Students create and record a radio show about their chosen mythical creature.

Language: English
Subject Area: Official language
Author of resource: Živilė Meškelienė


An introduction to Impressionism 

Language: English
Subject Area: History , Art
Author of resource: Anastasia Economou

GEOGRAPHY - Sustainable development (Gymnasium, Grade A)

Using the collaborative problem solving method, in this unit, students will learn about sustainable development.

Language: English
Subject Area: Geography
Author of resource: Maria Constantinou for Cyprus Pedagogical Institute

Learning Designs Booklet

A collection of Learning Designs from implemented learning cycles

Language: English
Subject Area: Physical education , Natural science , History , Mathematics , Foreign language , Computer science , Biology , Geography , Official language , Physics , Design and techonology
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